• Die Trockenkupplung für den Cryo Bereich bis zu -200°C / -328°F

    Assembling in draw up and pressure loaded lines.
    Reduced torsion force by integrated swivel joint on the female part.
    Optional selective coding to avoid product mix up.

    Technical Specifications:

    Sizes: 1"-8" (DN25-DN200)
    Pressure ratings: Standard 232 psi - 360 psi (PN16-PN24)
    Connections: 1"-8" female NPT/BSP threads according to ANSI B 2.1, ISO 228-G
    1"-8" (DN25-DN200) flanges according to ANSI B 16.5, EN 1092-1
    Material: Stainless Steel
    Sealing: Cryo Sealing
    Approvals: CE Certification, ATEX, TUV
    Conform to EN Regulations

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